Sharjah is the city of the United Arab Emirates and a sister neighbor to the Emirate of Dubai, and is the only emirate surrounded by coastal beaches on both sides; therefore, Sharjah embraces a lot of tourism and cultural projects, which is an important destination for families and visitors in the emirate and the most famous Lake Khalid, which is characterized by charming Corniche and high fountain It attracts tourists, an artificial lake with an area of ​​1.72 million hectares adjacent to the Al Majaz area of ​​Sharjah.

Lake Khalid Landmarks The most important landmarks in Lake Khalid include: The Corniche of the Lake is a greenish promenade that stretches along five kilometers surrounded by all sides of the lake, just like a green garden with a lake in the middle, and is famous for palm trees. It is an important destination for hiking and running and is a favorite place for many families and tourists; there are plenty of seating and lighting poles which are safe for children because they are surrounded by an aluminum fence.

Fountain of Lake Khalid is the third largest fountain in the world after the fountain of Jeddah and the Swiss fountain.This fountain was established in 1984, and the height of water to a distance of one hundred meters in the event of wind, and seventy-six meters in the normal situation. The fountain includes colored lighting through six headlamps with a diameter of two meters and eight, and is located under the water surface around the fountain, and the fountain water is pumped with two pumps with a capacity of twenty-five meters per second, and the beautiful in this fountain that the appropriate operating time is from 4 pm to ten o'clock throughout the year.

Al-Noor Mosque is dominated by the large number of domes influenced by the Ottoman style, and the splendor of its construction added a magical touch to Lake Khalid when the lights reflected on it at night, the mosque is very close to the lake; on the side of the lake there is a mosque Abdullah bin Abbas, which can accommodate large numbers of worshipers, A charming Islamic lake. Al Majaz facade Many restaurants spread around the famous Al Majaz fountains on a width of two hundred and twenty meters, where the fountains featuring laser shows and dancing music, and the center of the interface two giant screens to display movies with sound and lighting sophisticated.

There is a large area dedicated to the establishment of various events and festivals of all kinds, especially water, as well as there is an art park and a sculpture park dedicated to children, golf courses, and Splash Park water area dedicated to healthy children with special needs, Al Majaz is a luxury complex with international specifications.

Commercial centers Khalid Lake is the main lung of the emirate of Sharjah, where markets and commercial centers and most famous spread the central market, which oversees the main wing directly on the lake, and can visit the market to buy goods and various goods.