The acquario civico milano is one of the most important tourist places in the city of Milan, where it displays one hundred species of fish and marine animals that gather in a huge water basin inside an old building.

It displays the creatures that live in the lakes and rivers of Italy and the building includes a library of marine science and at its entrance there is a statue of the Roman god of water and the sea.

The most important activities that you can do in the Milan Aquarium
• Upon entering, you can buy from the kiosk, there are some foods and drinks to enjoy your trip inside the aquarium, then walk around the building and take some memorial photos.

• The aquarium consists of several paths within the water basin, where the water creatures are displayed around you, where you can sit and watch the creatures or wander in the corridors, and the most prominent water creatures found by sea lion, sea stars and many amazingly beautiful and colorful fish.

• For lovers of documentaries and exploration, there is also a cinema in the Aquarium building with 3D accuracy, showing documentaries on marine creatures, their secrets and features.

• There is also within the building a small museum that displays many famous paintings of explorers of the seas and some of the paintings dating back to a history of nearly 160 years.