The Dellovo Castle, which means the White Castle in the city of Naples, is one of the most important tourist places in Italy, as it was built in 1115 by the Normans on the Megaride peninsula in the Gulf of Naples.

The best activities you can do in the Castle of Delofo
• You can start by taking a tour around the castle and the Corniche overlooking the sea and enjoy the scenic views and watch the art of building this historic castle from the outside, as it is a very beautiful place to relax and take some memorial photos.

Then you can enter the castle to see its ruins, walls, distributed rooms and guard towers.

• There is a small booth there to sell some snacks or drinks so that your journey is complete and enjoyable.

You can also rent a boat from the adjacent port and take a cruise around the castle or go with other groups where a trip is organized every hour.