The Siegessäule Victory Column was built in the city of Berlin in July 1873 AD from the eighteenth century, and it represents a famous symbol in Berlin, the German capital, and of Berlin's tourist attractions that attract tourists from all over the world.

The name of the column is attributed to the victories achieved by a German in its military wars against France, Denmark, and Austria. Germany wanted to commemorate these victories by building this tall tower, with a length of about 69 meters.

The interior of the column includes 285 steps of spiral stairs that can be climbed and climbed to reach the top of the column, which enables tourists to have a good view of Berlin from above.

The Berlin Victory Column is also characterized by its location in the most famous area in the capital, which is characterized by the multiplicity of international restaurants in it and a number of cafes. The column also includes a vast green area surrounding it, so the column represents a place for hiking.