The TV tower, known as the Berliner Fernsehturm, is located on Alexanderplatz in the Mitte district of the German capital, Berlin.

It is 368 meters long and consists of 147 floors, which constitute the tallest building in all of Germany and the second tallest tower in the European Union and the fourth in the continent of Europe.

It can be seen from most of the tourist places in Berlin, allowing you to see the city from high altitude from the observation deck at the top of the tower.

A visit to a tower is similar to traveling in space. This is what settles in the soul at first sight when seeing that celestial sphere in the above. This may be helped by the modern technology that provided the tower that was not available at the time of its construction in this way, such as fast elevators that take you from the ground to the top of the tower in about Only 40 seconds.

The sphere of the sphere is 32 meters in diameter and weighs approximately 4,800 tons. It is covered with panels that reflect the lights around it and shine at night with glamorous lights.

The unique architecture of the Berlin Tower is what makes it a tourist attraction and landmark of Berlin. The tower ball was designed to take the form of the famous Soviet satellite (Sputnik) in remembrance of it.

The panoramic restaurant in the Dome of the Tower offers an amazing view of the hustle and bustle of life in the German capital, where millions live. As you comfortably eat your food, the restaurant revolves around its axis once every 30 minutes, for a truly panoramic view