Sanssouci Palace is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Berlin and is one of the ancient places dating back to the eighteenth century AD.

Therefore, it is one of the buildings that is of great importance due to the important events that have witnessed it, and the prominent figures who visited it as well as its charming urban beauty.

Sanssouci Palace is located in the southwestern region of Berlin Potsdam, which is one of the most popular destinations for a large number of visitors throughout the year, both domestic and foreign tourists.

The palace was built in 1747 AD by engineer Georges von Knoppels Dorf by order of King Friedrich the Great. French urban art known as Rococo was used in the construction of this palace, and the name of the palace is originally French, meaning in the French language without concern.

The palace was built in a unique way that makes it a link between the other palaces, where when looking from one of the corners of the palace you can see the palace that follows it, and a grape garden was added to the palace, as well as an windmill that gives the place a distinctive rural touch.