The German Historical Museum is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Berlin, which expresses the cultural face and ancient history of the city, and displays in an elegant, distinctive and appropriate manner with all age groups.

The German Historical Museum in Berlin is located in the Linden region, which is one of the areas that many visitors visit throughout the year, including city residents, domestic and foreign tourists.

The museum was opened in 1987, and it is the most famous German museum that explains the history of Germany, which is considered one of the greatest countries in the economic and political fields. The museum also helps to understand the common history between Germany and other European countries, especially in the post-World War II era.

The museum contains a collection of exhibits of German civilization, some of which date back to 200 years ago, and contains many manual works, paintings and statues of the most important German artists, in addition to a collection of documents, maps and photos.