The German Museum of Technology is one of the most famous tourist places in Berlin, and it is one of the museums that explains the history of the great development that the country witnessed during the past 200 years through many sections and exhibits that were made with very high accuracy and craftsmanship.

The German Museum of Technology is located in Berlin on the island of museums, which is one of the places that are very popular and a large number of visitors throughout the year not only from within Germany, but from all over the world.

The completion of the construction of the museum, which approximately took 3 years in the construction work in 1906, and was built by a group of German engineers who Arado building the largest museum of technology is the largest of its kind in Europe and the world, so as to define everyone's industrial strength and civilization own country.

The museum includes many sections that possess a large collection of original exhibits or even models. In one of the sections you find many generators of energy and huge engines, and in another section many means of ancient and modern conductors. There are also many weapons, planes and war fences.