The Berlin Aquarium is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Berlin that offers the visitor a high level of entertainment and fun by displaying the enchanting world of the seas in a fun and interesting way that makes it one of the most beautiful entertainment places in the city.

The Berlin Aquarium is located in the Budapest street area, which is one of the vital areas that many visitors visit throughout the year, from the city's residents, local and foreign tourists from abroad.

The aquarium was built in 1913 AD, as part of the Berlin Zoo, and it is one of the largest fish ponds in Germany that includes a large group of marine organisms that number approximately 9 thousand marine animals, distributed according to the ponds according to their types, in a very beautiful and distinguished way.

Marine organisms vary in ponds between known fish and rare fish, as well as local and tropical fish, and it contains many sharks, jellyfish and some crocodiles, in addition to a variety of insects, and many other types