The Spy Museum in Berlin is one of the best tourist places in Berlin, which provides its visitors with a special and special kind of trip between its many monasteries, which differ from many museums that can be visited in other countries, and even they break the usual stereotype of museums.

The museum is located in Berlin, near the city center, which is one of the most popular destinations for a large number of visitors throughout the year, from the city's residents and local tourists, as well as foreign tourists from around the world.

The museum was opened in the year 2015 AD, and the main goal of the place was to establish a new museum that differs from the idea of ​​traditional museums that display artifacts and artifacts, as the disclosure of many secrets and tools related to this mysterious world is a distinctive thing in itself.

The idea started with the formation of a museum that contains espionage tools that were used between East Germany and West Germany, but after the unification of the country and the great fame that the museum achieved, it now displays the most important equipment and tools used in the world on the subject of espionage.