Al Khan District is one of the most important streets in the emirate due to its historical and touristic importance, as it is one of the first inhabited areas in the Emirate of Sharjah and dates back 400 years.

In addition, Al Khan Street includes a number of the most important tourist attractions in Sharjah, which increased its importance among the regions of the Emirate, Al Khan includes the most important hotels, restaurants, archaeological and recreational places in Sharjah.

Things to do in Al Khan Street
• Due to the historical importance of the street, the Khan has a number of beautiful archaeological places that you can start to visit, including the house of Tawasha, which was the seat of the meetings of the old merchants, and Barza Al Khan, which served as a rest stop for travelers passing by Sharjah in the old and was being hosted by them.

• You can also go through the mosques of the various Khan Street, especially archaeological mosques, which dates back to the previous years among the most important mosques in the street archaeological Anas bin Malik Mosque.

• As for the entertainment venues on Al Khan Street, the most important of which is the famous Al Qasba Canal, which is located on the banks of many restaurants, cafes and entertainment places, which is considered by the people of Sharjah as an outlet to resort to for relaxation.

• Al Khan Beach is also one of the places used by the people of the Emirate and visitors for entertainment and fun, you can enjoy swimming in the calm waters of the sea or relax on the beach between the soft sand.

• One of the most important landmarks of Al Khan Street that you can enjoy is Sharjah Aquarium, one of the most important museums in Sharjah, as it contains 250 different types of fish and marine organisms brought from the UAE seas.

• Finally, you can experience the most important food Sharjah through one of the restaurants scattered in the Al Khan Street, which has a traditional atmosphere that carries the heritage of the people of the country, and do not forget to experience the wonderful local drinks