Souq Al Jubail is one of the most famous markets in Sharjah and even among the most famous in the United Arab Emirates, where the market is the largest among the markets in the Middle East all with more than 400 stores to sell different food products, the most famous fish.

Jubail Market is located near the Central Market, specifically between the Corniche Road and the Sharjah Creek and occupies an area of ​​37 thousand square meters, and is characterized by its style that carries the features of Arab-Islamic, and attracts thousands of visitors daily, making it one of the tourist destinations in Sharjah famous

Things to do in Jubail Market
• You can enjoy the unique style of the wonderful Jubail market where you will find the building carries the style of mosques and Islamic buildings, you can also take some wonderful pictures of the market building and the surrounding area, especially as it is located on the Corniche providing a distinctive view.

• You can walk around the building, which is no less exquisite in style, and you can also learn about the various food products inside the market.

• Of course you can buy the finest fresh food products provided by the Jubail market, especially fish, which is the most popular products sold in the market Jubail, where you can find many types of fish that come from the sea directly to the market.

• Featured products that you can buy from the market Jubail poultry and fresh meat, along with vegetables and fruits of all kinds you may need.

• The Jubail Market also holds a variety of activities, including events related to the definition of the relationship of the people of Sharjah fishing since ancient times and the history of grandparents and how they have professionalized this profession, including these events there are special events for children as well.