Sharjah Desert Park Sharjah Desert Park is one of the most important tourist places in Sharjah.It is considered one of the biggest attractions for visitors from inside the city or tourists.The Sharjah Desert Park was a natural reserve to preserve the group of animals living in the region, including some endangered species.

The park has been developed into an educational and entertainment center at the same time.The Sharjah Desert Park has many sections, including the Arabian Peninsula Animals Section, Sharjah Museum of Natural and Botanical History, Children's Farm, and many others in one of the most famous tourist attractions in the UAE.

The best things to do in Sharjah Desert Park
• You can walk around the park and see the sections and learn about the most prominent animals in the Arabian Peninsula inside the park and watch some rare, endangered animals.

• Visit the Sharjah Museum of Natural and Botanical History, where it is located within the park and learn about the history of the animals in the area inside the park and some of the ruins of the animals.

• You can walk around the Botanical Park, which contains wonderful green areas and many plants that have been built suitable environment to include all the plants in the Emirate.

• Children can visit the children's farm, which contains many pets, where it is an educational and entertaining part for children.

• On the other hand, the Desert Park in Sharjah provides a hall equipped with the means and games to develop the skills of children, and teach them drawing and coloring, all under the supervision of specialists to get children the correct information comfortably

• Outdoor Play area with a great range of games, giving them a fun and cheerful atmosphere to spend the most enjoyable time.

• After a wonderful day you can have a delicious meal at the restaurants in the desert park in Sharjah, which provides the most beautiful views of the lake and flamingo birds with colorful colors.