Sharjah Zoo is one of the most famous attractions for visitors in the city, which is designed in the latest style with the only complete collection of Arab wildlife in the world, where animals in this distinctive park enjoy complete freedom within their natural environment without restrictions, so it is one of the most important places of tourism In Sharjah.

The zoo in Sharjah has more than 100 species of animals from mammals from the smallest mouse to the Arabian tiger, and a large group of reptiles, amphibians, and turtles living in the Arabian Peninsula, including a group of endangered animals, making it the most important and most beautiful attractions In the UAE .

Things to do in Sharjah Zoo
• Enjoy a unique tour of Sharjah Zoo, but after watching the video at the main entrance of the zoo, which lists you many important information before the start of your trip.

• Start your tour in the hall dedicated to reptiles and amphibians of all kinds, where it includes glass basins containing many types of snakes including poisonous snakes, spiders and scorpions, in addition to fish ponds and turtles

• Do not forget to take some memorial photos next to the pets and feed them with your children to enjoy a wonderful experience that leaves a good impact.

• Visit the night home with an amazing collection of mammals such as fox, hedgehog and mongoose, as well as twelve species of rodents in their natural habitat.

• In another wing holds a lot of creativity and excellence where it represents the environment of the Arabian Peninsula collecting wonderful trees, rare birds of all kinds, they fly and move freely between branches.

• Predators seek out in the wild in their wild environment between rocks and dry trenches and surrounded by a fence that does not appear to animals so they do not feel tight.

• Fun activities offered by Sharjah Zoo include a variety of activities such as handicrafts, drawing, coloring, and many other games that develop their skills and abilities.

• After completing your tour you can take a break and relax in the equipped cafeteria while enjoying a breathtaking view of the open lakes filled with flamingos among the trees scattered in the place.