City Center Sharjah is one of the most famous malls in Sharjah, especially after being renovated and expanded in a modern way to look great.This center includes a variety of shops that offer all goods and goods, and they are suitable for all tastes.

The Center also has some entertainment activities such as Fox Cinema as well as Magic Planet, one of the most important tourist attractions in Sharjah that offers a unique shopping experience.

During the article we review the most important things to enjoy during your visit to the City Center Mall, mentioning the best hotels near Sharjah.

Things to do at City Center Sharjah
• At City Center Sharjah, you can keep up with the latest international fashion lines for women's, men's, pregnant and childrens clothes, with a variety of accessories, cosmetics, sunglasses, watches from the most prestigious international brands, as well as leather goods.

• Get fast food that children prefer through the international restaurant chains in the City Center Mall of Sharjah, with a taste of the most delicious sweets and local and international cuisine through other restaurants.

• Boost your dose of fun and excitement by playing an exciting duel with family and friends with some of the video games offered by Magic Planet at City Center Mall Sharjah, which is suitable for all dives.

• Follow the latest international movies through the mall's cinemas, which use the latest sound and lighting systems to ensure a pleasant viewing and a comfortable and happy time for visitors.

• Sharjah City Center Mall offers a variety of gift cards that are shipped in different amounts upon request for shopping, dinner, entertainment and discounts at one of the mall's partner establishments.

• Shop bridal supplies and all the modern home needs of elegant furniture, carpets and luxury furniture.