Beach is one of the most beautiful open beaches in the Emirate of Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates in general, the beach is characterized by pure blue water and white sand, and the beach provides its guests with all the facilities and services they are likely to need when tourism in the UAE and visit the beach of Sharjah.

With all the above, the beach is one of Sharjah's beaches, ideal for a fun day with family and friends.

In the coming lines, we will learn about some of the activities we can do at the beach.

Top 5 things to do in Sharjah Beach
• The best thing to do when you visit Sharjah Beach is to have a fun swimming pool in the warm waters, and you can run swimming races with your friends or family members for more fun and go.

• If you bring snorkeling or diving equipment with you, or rent it from a shop in the city, it is an opportunity to enjoy the depths of the Gulf, with its diverse marine creatures and wonderful coral reefs.

Sharjah White Beach Sands make it easy for sand lovers to spend time building sand houses or even a useful sand bath with the help of warm sunlight.

• You can take your food and enjoy it in front of the extended sea water, or you can buy food at one of the restaurants available along Sharjah Beach.

• Make sure you capture a number of commemorative photos of you with family or friends, to document your visit to the enchanting beach. Take the opportunity of sunset and sunrise to capture the most fascinating images of the Arabian Gulf.