The Sharjah Art Museum, located in the emirate of Sharjah, UAE, is one of the most important museums in Sharjah, a rich spot of beauty, art and creativity, amongst the vast spaces offering art connoisseurs a wide range of unique art collections, and the museum's pioneers can participate in various events and programs held by Throughout the year.

This museum is one of the largest art galleries in the Gulf region, which contains works of art by artists who have left a clear footprint in the world of Arab and local art, Sharjah Museum stretches over three floors with galleries dedicated to showcase artistic creations, and exhibits of more than 500 works captivating souls , Making it one of the most important tourist attractions in Sharjah.

The best activities you can do at Sharjah Art Museum
• On a fun tour of the museums of Sharjah, full of charm, among the permanent collections of various art collections in various forms of art, you can see the most beautiful paintings, sculptures, and many other exhibits.

• See an impressive collection of 19 works of art, among the watercolor paintings, oil paintings, and sculptures, attributed to the most important artists of the Arab world, including Abdul Qader Al Rayes, Louay Kayali, and in a selection of 12 colorful watercolors designed by the artist Ali Darwish Historic Sharjah including towers, forts, and castles.

• View the lithographic works, which represent a panoramic portrait of life in Arab cities in the eighteenth century, created by the famous orientalist David Robert who visited the Middle East, and was fascinated by nature and architecture, in addition to 13 lithographs depicting the Qasimist resistance to the British occupation forces, which serves as documents Of great historical value.

• Taste the unique art through acrylic paintings depicting the construction of boats, fishermen and fishing ports, as well as arenas and castles, for a number of distinguished artists.

• The museum also includes a library of plastic arts, which contains more than 4,000 writing in Arabic and some other languages, as well as local and international exhibitions hosted by the Sharjah Museum of Art, as well as cultural activities, art workshops and educational.

• Among the archaeological and historical collections of the Museum of Art, rare collections of antiquity, worth exploring, which carry a lot of history of the country.