The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, located in Sharjah, UAE, is located in the Souq Al-Majara Building.

The museum contains thousands of pieces of Islamic civilization, which is of great importance, where you can learn more about Islamic civilization.

In addition to knowing the important details of Islamic history, Islamic science and culture as well as the wonderful and family arts, all these features made the Islamic Museum in Sharjah one of the most important places of tourism in Sharjah

The best activities in Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization
The museum has seven permanent exhibitions and is divided as follows:

• You can start the Abu Bakr Hall of the Islamic faith, where the hall dedicated to the definition of the principles of Islam and the Koran, and there is a model of the Kaaba and several parts of the clothing of the Holy Mosque, and rare manuscripts of the Koran and interpretations.

• Then you can visit the Ibn al-Haytham Hall for Science and Technology, where the achievements of Muslim scholars and their contributions to human civilization.

Through stereoscopic models, photographs and information on the most important discoveries and inventions, within the topics of medicine, astronomy, science, engineering, mathematics and many others.

• You can also visit the First Islamic Arts Gallery, which includes works of art, artefacts, ceramics, metal, glass and many more.

• Visit the Second Islamic Arts Gallery, which displays 12th-century Islamic artifacts and many Mamluk, Safavid and Ottoman ceramics.

• The third and fourth Islamic Arts Hall, dedicated to the two halls of the craft and display of weapons used in the past and many others.

• Finally, you can visit the exhibition of coins and the museum contains special display boxes of Islamic coins, where the visitor is familiar with the history and origin of Islamic currency.

Through it, the visitor experiences an unparalleled experience by approaching Islamic history and recognizing the breadth of his area.