Opened in 1996 and one of Sharjah's most renowned museums, the Sharjah Science Museum offers interactive displays designed to inspire visitors to innovate.

The museum has about 50 different exhibitions, providing many programs and events suitable for all ages, and Sharjah Science Museum has been classified as one of the best tourist places in Sharjah

Sharjah Science Museum allows you to discover the laws of nature and learn about science, do experiments and discover aerodynamics, thermodynamics and physiology, as well as participate in the experiments of the presentation of electric charges, exploring the secrets of space, and test your reactions and identify your possibilities, making it one of the most important places of tourism in UAE

The best things to do at Sharjah Science Museum
• Take your children on a fun and informative educational tour of the latest scientific and educational equipment and objects provided by the Sharjah Science Museum in its 30 sections.

• You can attend the museum's interactive lectures and workshops through its 50 exhibitions to explore various areas of life and areas of science such as thermal physics, dynamics, statics and biology in a smooth manner for each age group.

• You can also visit the space showroom where you can enjoy the stars, exploring the planets that can be seen with the naked eye, and then sailing far into space and the solar system to the end of man's knowledge of the mysteries of the huge universe.

• You and your children can do experiments and scientific research with your own hands the latest scientific tools and means and the safest use of the Internet through the modern electronic computers provided by the museums laboratories.

Watch the museum's magical display, such as the inverted cup holding water inside, the balloon swelling on its own, the fluid discoloration and much more.

• To learn about the history of planets, stars and cosmic galaxies that we may not know much about in a simplified and interactive way, you can visit the Museum's Planetarium. At the end of the trip, many questions will be answered, including the definition of meteors, stars, meteorites and their birth sites.

• The Sharjah Science Museum also provides great opportunities for creative children by encouraging them to innovate and prepare innovative science projects.

• At the end of your museum tours, you can buy many toys and educational gifts for children of all ages. The Sharjah Science Museum also has a café to provide snacks and drinks suitable for children during the day.