The old town of Marbella, Casco Antiguo, is one of the most attractive tourist areas in Marbella, Spain, located on the east bank of the Great Valley River.

A few years ago, the town became one of the most important tourist places in Spain. This town still retains the original planning that it had been in since its establishment in the sixteenth century AD, when the city was still under Arab Islamic rule.

The buildings of the old town of Marbella are distinguished by the fact that they take the white color as a general paint for homes and places, they have small balcony filled with flowers, with cafes and modern shops. There are narrow cobbled streets covered with white terraces

Activities in the old town of Marbella
• Walk around the town and learn about its ancient history, see the architecture of Spain during the Middle Ages and explore the place on your own.

• Capture the most beautiful photographs and wonderful short videos of houses and lanes, and the beauty of colors and designs for homes.

• Visit the beach, enjoy the wonderful waters of the Mediterranean, lie on the beach sand, practice fishing or maybe take a tour at sea.

• Eat in one of the restaurants scattered in the streets and enjoy the beauty of the place in the morning and have a cup of coffee with your friends.

• Visit the archeological sites in the old town, which dates back to the Middle Ages.