Located along the coast of the city's famous coastline with the Mediterranean Sea, Marbella Beach extends for up to 27 kilometers and consists of 24 sub-beaches.

Marbella Beach is a great place for tourists and locals alike to spend holidays with friends and family and there is a year-long turnout that is increasing in summer.

Pedalos Beach is one of the best beaches in Marbella for families and children, with its shallow waters and a number of services that are suitable for children.

Things to do in Marbella Beach
• Relax in front of Marbella Beach and enjoy the fresh air and warm sun.

• Swimming in the sea with calm waves and clean blue color, and also rent several dives, diving under the water and watching the coral reefs and fish.

• For lovers of walking there is a walking path parallel to the beach, you can eat grilled corn and some local sweets

• Enjoy a number of hours at the water parks scattered in the resorts near the beach or surfing, surfing, surfing and stunning balloon rides.

• Hire a boat and go on a cruise, fishing and you can later participate in barbecues and dine on the beach.

• Visit the archaeological sites near Marbella Beach, as well as some castles dug in the mountains overlooking one of the wonderful beach sides where it was built ancient to protect the city from invasion.