Built in 956 by the Muslim caliph Abd al-Rahman III to strengthen the defenses of the city of Marbella from the coast.

Around the castle, there are a number of powerful square towers.

A small museum has been built inside the castle with a number of surviving relics that allow visitors to better understand the history of the place and the history of its construction.

The castle is a tourist attraction in Spain, which attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year, including spaces for artistic and cultural celebrations and several literary festivals.

What to do in Suhail Marbella Castle?
• Walk around the castle and become familiar with its architectural style, observe the beauty of architectural styles and know its ancient history and the times that have taken place.

• Visit the museum inside the castle and discover its most famous artefacts, which tell the story of the construction of the castle.

Enjoy panoramic views of Marbella from the highest towers of the castle overlooking the sea

You can have a cup of coffee. At the top of the castle you will find a small cafe.

• Stroll through the castle area where greenery and perennial olive trees, pines, cacti, wild plants and pretty flowers you can sit in the park and enjoy the fresh air and the seaside .

• Attend one of the concerts held in the castle throughout the year, especially in the summer, also visit the castle's open-air theater and attend artistic, cultural and literary performances.

• For children, there is a place in front of the castle Suhail Marbella, near the small valley and the sea, where they can play, jump rope, canoe and take a small excursion in the water.

• Take a stroll on the beautiful suspension bridge adjacent to the seaside leading to the castle and take the most beautiful pictures you will remember and show the castle at the top of the hill